License And Warranty Of Title

The core SQLite database software is in the public domain. No license is necessary to use SQLite or to build SQLite into your products. However, licenses are available to satisfy the following needs:

Because the SQLite code is in the public domain, "license" is not quite the right word to describe this product. A more accurate description is "Warranty of Title". This product is a legal document that certifies that the SQLite software is an original work and that the authors of SQLite have dedicated their work to the public domain. The document indemnifies the purchaser against claims of copyright infringement for the core SQLite library.

The software covered by this product is the core SQLite library that is available on the public website. This license does not provide a right to use for proprietary extensions to SQLite, such as the SQLite Encryption Extension, the CEROD extension, the ZIPVFS extension, or other products that may be generated in the future.

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