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Comment:Fix a typo in shared_schema.md.
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User & Date: dan 2019-02-14 17:59:36
Change the name of the SQLITE_OPEN_REUSE_SCHEMA flag to SQLITE_OPEN_SHARED_SCHEMA. (check-in: 7257fcc8 user: dan tags: reuse-schema)
Fix a typo in shared_schema.md. (check-in: e47a5aea user: dan tags: reuse-schema)
Add documentation file doc/shared_schema.md to describe the change on this branch. (check-in: a5f8067d user: dan tags: reuse-schema)
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Changes to doc/shared_schema.md.

    35     35   For SQLITE_OPEN_SHARED_SCHEMA connections, the
    36     36   SQLITE_DBSTATUS_SCHEMA_USED sqlite3_db_used() distributes
    37     37   the memory used for a shared schema object evenly between all database
    38     38   connections that share it.
    39     39   
    40     40   ## Implementation Notes
    41     41   
    42         -A single Schema object is never used by more than database simultaneously,
           42  +A single Schema object is never used by more than one database simultaneously,
    43     43   regardless of whether or not those databases are attached to the same or
    44     44   different database handles. Instead, a pool of schema objects is maintained 
    45     45   for each unique sqlite_master-contents/schema-cookie combination
    46     46   opened within the process. Each time database schemas are required by a
    47     47   connection, for example as part of an sqlite3_prepare\*(),
    48     48   sqlite3_blob_open() or sqlite3_blob_open() call, it obtains
    49     49   the minimum number of schemas required from the various schema-pools, returning