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27.4 hours ago What does, if many threads and/or processes need to write the database at the same instant, mean? 19 posts spanning 2.7 days
27.5 hours ago how to do arithmetic calculations on real/decimal/double in sqlite 4 posts spanning 9.9 hours
28.2 hours ago count strings with same length 4 posts spanning 4.4 hours
1.6 days ago Please avoid all use of the "LL" suffix for long-long integer literals 8 posts spanning 6.0 days
1.7 days ago XML extension 4 posts spanning 32.8 hours
2.1 days ago SQLite3 extensions: extension-functions.c in Windows doesn't load 4 posts spanning 4.2 hours
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2.1 days ago Getting Minimum, Maximum and Current Weight no replies
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