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Comment:Fix formatting errors in ext/zonefile/README.md.
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User & Date: dan 2018-02-13 21:16:16
When calling fopen() in the zonefile extension, use modes "rb" and "wb" instead of "r" and "w". This makes no difference on unix, but is required when accessing binary files on other systems. check-in: 4bb854dd user: dan tags: zonefile
Fix formatting errors in ext/zonefile/README.md. check-in: a2221e35 user: dan tags: zonefile
Note the fact that zonefile depends on json1 in ext/zonefile/README.md. check-in: fb27d8f6 user: dan tags: zonefile
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Changes to ext/zonefile/README.md.

   110    110        relative to the offset in ZoneFileHeader.byteOffsetFrames. This is
   111    111        necessary as we may not know the offset of the start of the frame data
   112    112        until after the ZoneFileIndex structure is compressed.
   113    113   
   114    114     *  Currently there is no support at all for encryption or compression.
   115    115   
   116    116     *  Zonefile currently uses json1 to parse the json argument to
   117         -     zonefile_write(). And so must be used with an SQLITE_ENABLE_JSON1
          117  +     zonefile\_write(). And so must be used with an SQLITE\_ENABLE\_JSON1
   118    118        or otherwise json1-enabled SQLite.
   119    119   
   120    120