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Comment:Fix a typo in an evidence mark on a test script. No changes to code.
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SHA1: a08b0c7512287ce5ae3fffe02c092d0eb25b3a25
User & Date: drh 2014-12-22 22:02:20
Fix a potential segfault following OOM error in the test harness. The SQLite core itself is not at fault. (check-in: 1bb26695 user: drh tags: trunk)
Rework the test/releasetest.tcl script so that it uses the autoconf makefile instead of the test/releasetest.mk makefile. Also add options like --dryrun and --buildonly. Omit the --makefile option and replace it with --srcdir with the default computed relative to the releasetest.tcl script itself. (check-in: 7c85e831 user: drh tags: releasetest-refactor)
Fix a typo in an evidence mark on a test script. No changes to code. (check-in: a08b0c75 user: drh tags: trunk)
Redefine the way PRAGMA data_version works: It continues to change when any other connection commits, including shared-cache connections, but does not change if the local connection commits. (check-in: 7a97826f user: drh tags: trunk)
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Changes to test/pragma3.test.

    28     28     PRAGMA main.data_version=1234;
    29     29     PRAGMA main.data_version;
    30     30   } {1 1}
    31     31   
    32     32   # EVIDENCE-OF: R-27726-60934 The "PRAGMA data_version" command provides
    33     33   # an indication that the database file has been modified.
    34     34   #
    35         -# EVIDENCE-OF: R-25838-33704 The "PRAGMA data_version" value is
    36         -# unchanced for commits made on the same database connection.
           35  +# EVIDENCE-OF: R-47505-58569 The "PRAGMA data_version" value is
           36  +# unchanged for commits made on the same database connection.
    37     37   #
    38     38   do_execsql_test pragma3-110 {
    39     39     PRAGMA data_version;
    40     40     BEGIN IMMEDIATE;
    41     41     PRAGMA data_version;
    42     42     CREATE TABLE t1(a);
    43     43     INSERT INTO t1 VALUES(100),(200),(300);