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3 check-ins using file src/expr.c version 98ba9827

Enhance PRAGMA integrity_check so that it can detect that a NOT NULL column contains a NaN value and report that as an error. dbsqlfuzz f144b642fe6f1a1c196f258ac6e60118a0cb59b2. (check-in: 7638d975 user: drh tags: trunk)
Modify the OP_IsType opcode so that it does not need to distinguish between NaN and other floating point values. Later: This branch causes an unnecessary slowdown of PRAGMA integrity_check. Check-in [7638d9755dc90fd3] does a better job of detecting when a NaN value occurs in a NOT NULL column. (Closed-Leaf check-in: 242cb36c user: drh tags: istype-opcode-refactor)
Fix a weird corner case in aggregate function processing that results from the recent addition of support for index expressions on aggregate queries. Forum post bad532820c. (check-in: c34fd9fe user: drh tags: trunk)