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4 check-ins tagged with "threadtest4"

Make sure the Btree mutex is held when setting the locking mode and the secure delete flag when attaching a shared-cache database. Closed-Leaf check-in: 6bef7ede user: drh tags: threadtest4
Merge the cell overflow page number cache thread race fix from trunk. check-in: cefad47e user: drh tags: threadtest4
Fix a bug in the threadtest4.c program. Remove the keyinfo cache as it provides minimal performance improvements, and then only at SQL preparation time, not at runtime, and it has problems with data races in shared-cache mode. We might later add the keyinfo cache back but only enable it when shared-cache mode is off. check-in: b7489f94 user: drh tags: threadtest4
Add the threadtest4.c test program. Not yet working. check-in: ec3a7446 user: drh tags: threadtest4