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4 check-ins tagged with "stat4-avgeq"

Add a test to show that the change on this branch is effective. Closed-Leaf check-in: fc619be0 user: dan tags: stat4-avgeq
Avoid leaking Index.aiRowEst memory if an OOM causes a rollback which deletes the index before the aiRowEst deletion code in sqlite3AnalysisLoad() routine has a chance to run. Since the aiRowEst now might be deleted from freeIndex() which does not always have a db pointer, make sure the aiRowEst memory is not held in lookaside. check-in: efd87ba1 user: drh tags: stat4-avgeq
Fix a division-by-zero error that might occur if the sqlite_stat1 table is corrupt. check-in: f9c053b2 user: dan tags: stat4-avgeq
Improve the accuracy of the estimates used when searching an index for values not present in any stat4 samples under some circumstances. check-in: e6f7f97d user: dan tags: stat4-avgeq