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8 check-ins tagged with "expr-simplify"

Reduce the size of Expr to 64-bytes. This works somewhat, but there are test failures. More importantly, the size reduction from 80- to 64-bytes has not lowered the schema memory usage, but it has made the code a little bigger and a little slower. So the initial evidence is that this Expr refactoring experiment is not working... Leaf check-in: 24b0f66a user: drh tags: expr-simplify
Fix an issue in virtual table handling associated with the new Expr.x.pRight field. check-in: 8487f84a user: drh tags: expr-simplify
Make sure Expr.eX changes back to EX_None after Expr.x.pRight is set to NULL due to an OOM. check-in: e4129cd3 user: drh tags: expr-simplify
Reduce the size of Expr from 80 to 72 bytes moving the pRight field inside the "x" union. This is an incremental check-in that still has issues. check-in: 147c61a6 user: drh tags: expr-simplify
Make sure temporary Expr objects are fully initialized prior to sending them into sqlite3ExprCodeTemp(). check-in: de02a1d9 user: drh tags: expr-simplify
In the Expr object, the Expr.eX field determines what value is stored in the Expr.x union. This mostly works, but there are issues identified by valgrind. check-in: 8849a463 user: drh tags: expr-simplify
Merge all recent trunk enhancements. check-in: 655f0654 user: drh tags: expr-simplify
Add assert() statements to sqlite3ExprDelete() that prove various symmetry properties of the Expr object that might be exploited to make the Expr object smaller and faster. check-in: 81f25d5c user: drh tags: expr-simplify