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3 check-ins tagged with "default-synchronous"

Make the SQLITE_DEFAULT_SYNCHRONOUS and SQLITE_DEFAULT_WAL_SYNCHRONOUS values zero-based to agree with PRAGMA synchronous. Closed-Leaf check-in: 592d2104 user: drh tags: default-synchronous
If SQLITE_DEFAULT_WAL_SYNCHRONOUS is not the same value as SQLITE_DEFAULT_SYNCHRONOUS and the application has not run "PRAGMA synchronous", then set synchronous to the SQLITE_DEFAULT_WAL_SYNCHRONOUS setting when entering WAL mode for the first time. check-in: 5791407b user: drh tags: default-synchronous
Add compile-time options SQLITE_DEFAULT_SYNCHRONOUS and SQLITE_DEFAULT_WAL_SYNCHRONOUS used to specify the default synchronous settings for all database connections. check-in: 1fefa967 user: drh tags: default-synchronous