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3 check-ins tagged with "coroutine-refactor"

Change the OP_InitCoroutine instruction to jump over the co-routine implementation. Closed-Leaf check-in: a522f364 user: drh tags: coroutine-refactor
Get rid of the OP_Undef and OP_IsUndef opcodes in favor of higher-level OP_InitCoroutine and OP_EndCoroutine. check-in: 1ec0e9dd user: drh tags: coroutine-refactor
Add the OP_Undef and OP_IsUndef opcodes. With these, use the first register in the result register range as the flag to indicate EOF on an INSERT from a SELECT, rather than allocating a separate boolean register for that task. check-in: 6fb74485 user: drh tags: coroutine-refactor