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5 check-ins related to "planner-improvements"

Query planner improvements: Take the LIMIT into account when estimated the cost of an ORDER BY. Avoid automatic indexes on query loops that are expected to run less than twice. See [9e2b2681] for a later enhancement. check-in: bf46179d user: drh tags: trunk
Improvement on the previous check-in: disallow automatic indexes for any loop that is expected to run less than twice. Closed-Leaf check-in: aab53a21 user: drh tags: planner-improvements
Do not use an automatic index on an outer loop that only runs once. check-in: 5957e793 user: drh tags: planner-improvements
Take the LIMIT clause into account when estimating the cost of sorting. check-in: d491745c user: drh tags: planner-improvements
In the command-line shell: When the ".import" command is creating a new table using column names from the first row of CSV input, make sure double-quotes in the name are properly escaped. check-in: 2e67a1c8 user: drh tags: trunk