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6 check-ins related to "orderby-limit"

For queries with both ORDER BY and LIMIT, if the rows of the inner loop are emitted in ORDER BY order and the LIMIT has been reached, then optimize by exiting the inner loop and continuing with the next cycle of the first outer loop. check-in: 559733b0 user: drh tags: trunk
Set the NULLEQ flag on the sequence counter comparison in the ORDER BY LIMIT optimization, to avoid coverage complaints about not testing the NULL case. Closed-Leaf check-in: ed1b30dc user: drh tags: orderby-limit
A few simple test cases for the ORDER BY LIMIT optimization. check-in: 08849eab user: drh tags: orderby-limit
Appears to work now. Needs test cases, more comments, and code optimization. check-in: 990fe50c user: drh tags: orderby-limit
In a query with both ORDER BY and LIMIT, if the inner loop satisfies the ORDER BY then try to cut short each invocation of the inner loop once the LIMIT has been satisfied. This check-in is a partial implementation only. check-in: 852d1eda user: drh tags: orderby-limit
Fixup comments on wctrlFlags value definitions. check-in: 58b516e8 user: drh tags: trunk