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4 check-ins related to "left-join-view"

Improved optimizations of views as the right operand of a LEFT JOIN. check-in: 41c27bc0 user: drh tags: trunk
Add the TK_IF_NULL_ROW opcode to deal with non-NULL result columns in the result set of a view or subquery on the RHS of a LEFT JOIN that gets flattened. Closed-Leaf check-in: 3a5860d8 user: drh tags: left-join-view
An initial attempt to optimize VIEWs that occur as the right operand of a LEFT JOIN. This particular check-in does not work correctly because it does not deal with the case of columns in the VIEW that return non-NULL even when all columns in the table of the VIEW are NULL because of the LEFT JOIN. check-in: 1838a59c user: drh tags: left-join-view
Make USE_FULLWARN=1 the default for MSVC and fix harmless compiler warnings. check-in: 6bf67376 user: mistachkin tags: trunk