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8 check-ins related to "cte-via-queue"

Change the WITH RECURSIVE implementation to use a queue instead of a pair of tables. Add support for ORDER BY, LIMIT, and OFFSET on recursive queries. check-in: b6cea420 user: drh tags: trunk
Add support for LIMIT and OFFSET in a recursive query. Closed-Leaf check-in: 1945484e user: drh tags: cte-via-queue
Get ORDER BY working for recursive queries. check-in: 37b343b0 user: drh tags: cte-via-queue
Add new SelectDest codes, SRT_Queue and SRT_DistQueue in anticipation of adding ORDER BY support on recursive queries. Factor out the recursive query code generator into a separate procedure. check-in: 3eb5f9f8 user: drh tags: cte-via-queue
Fix a typo in a comment. No changes to code or tests. check-in: cceacc0e user: dan tags: cte-via-queue
Remove an unnecessary parameter from selectInnerLoop(). Clean up comments. check-in: 5e6c4a55 user: drh tags: cte-via-queue
Change the recursive common table expression algorithm to use a queue instead of a pair of tables. Runs about 25% faster on the sudoku solver query. The OP_SwapCursors opcode is no longer required. The current implementation uses just a fifo, but the plan is to change it into a queue that will support ORDER BY and LIMIT in a recursive query. check-in: b2671e11 user: drh tags: cte-via-queue
Remove the undocumented requirement for applications that use an SQLITE_ENABLE_SQLLOG build to define a sqlite3_init_sqllog() function. check-in: 5e43bf01 user: dan tags: trunk