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5 check-ins related to "create-table-as-type-fix"

Fix the initialization logic in CREATE TABLE AS so that the correct affinities are applied to all values being inserted into the new table, even if the RHS is a compound SELECT. Fix for ticket [f2ad7de056ab1dc9200]. check-in: 6a0cf3ce user: drh tags: trunk
Add a test case to verify that CREATE TABLE AS does not store INT values in TEXT columns. Ticket [f2ad7de056ab1dc92]. Closed-Leaf check-in: 0e45e8f1 user: drh tags: create-table-as-type-fix
Simplification of the initialization code for CREATE TABLE AS. check-in: 937f659e user: drh tags: create-table-as-type-fix
A proposed fix for the problem of CREATE TABLE AS generating a table that has INTEGER values in a TEXT column. Ticket [f2ad7de056ab1dc92]. check-in: d5e2c1fc user: drh tags: create-table-as-type-fix
Fix handling of queries with VALUES on the left and UNION ALL SELECT on the right and a LIMIT clause. check-in: c403502c user: drh tags: trunk