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Add the lsmode(MODE) function in the fileio.c extension and use that function in the .archive implementation. Add the --append and --dryrun options to the .archive command and remove the --zip option, making it automatic. check-in: 38f28029 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix minor problems with the new ".archive" command changes. Closed-Leaf check-in: 612b30c9 user: drh tags: archive-improvements
In the fileio.c extension, change the filetype(MODE) function into lsmode(MODE). Use the new lsmode(MODE) function in shell.c. check-in: 52d12ba9 user: drh tags: archive-improvements
Implement the ".ar --create" command using a single "REPLACE INTO sqlar SELECT ... FROM fsdir();" statement. Add the shell_putsnl() SQL function for providing --verbose output. check-in: 28ab9304 user: drh tags: archive-improvements
Add the "filetype()" SQL function for interpreting file modes to the fileio.c extension. check-in: 58c0c74c user: drh tags: archive-improvements
The ".ar" command deduces whether or not the target file is a ZIP or SQLAR and does the appropropriate thing. The "-z" option is omitted. The "--append" option is added to open auxiliary databases using apndvfs. check-in: 430d1a7d user: drh tags: archive-improvements
Allow the use of ".ar -t" without specifying an archive file or the "-z" option when the command-line shell is opened on a ZIP archive. check-in: 9340a2c1 user: drh tags: archive-improvements
Work on the ".archive" command. (1) Add the --dryrun option. (2) Do not require --file when open on a ZIP archive. (3) Miscellaneous code simplifications. This is an incremental check-in of work in progress. check-in: a2baada4 user: drh tags: archive-improvements
Rearrange some routines in shell.c to avoid the need to forward reference a static function. check-in: fd7f51a1 user: drh tags: trunk