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6 check-ins using file src/sqliteInt.h version f7581eb7

Fix the segfault problem of ticket [a7b7803e8d1e869] which involved the use of "AS" named result columns as logical terms of the WHERE clause. (check-in: b3c9e8f8 user: drh tags: trunk)
A couple more test cases. (Closed-Leaf check-in: 0ae14217 user: drh tags: tkt-a7b7803e)
Additional test cases involving the use of a result column specified by its "AS" name as a logical term of the WHERE clause. Ticket [a7b7803e8d1e8699cd]. (check-in: d7cc364e user: drh tags: tkt-a7b7803e)
Proposed fix for ticket [a7b7803e8d1e8699cd8a]. (check-in: 3d0e00c7 user: drh tags: tkt-a7b7803e)
Better resolution of table and column names in joins where some of the terms of the FROM clause are parenthesized. (check-in: 7344e791 user: drh tags: name-resolution-fix)
Optimize the degenerate case of a FROM clause table name enclosed all by itself inside parentheses. Generate code as if the parentheses did not exist, rather than the old behavior of manifesting the parenthesized table into a transient table. Also, tag every FROM-clause SELECT subquery that is generated by a parenthesized FROM-clause expression using the SF_NestedFrom flag. The new SF_NestedFrom flag is not yet used for anything. (check-in: 7fecced4 user: drh tags: trunk)