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17 check-ins using file src/vdbeaux.c version f6cd3f53

Use memmove() instead of memcpy() in a place where buffers might overlap if the database file is badly corrupted, to prevent warnings from ASAN and valgrind. check-in: 65ad6c55 user: drh tags: trunk
Remove an unreachable branch. check-in: 4c976f17 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix an assert() in vdbemem.c that could fire if the database was corrupt. check-in: a70958cd user: dan tags: trunk
Fix a problem with renaming a table within a schema that contains a composite query that uses a column alias as an ORDER BY term. check-in: 2ca6b8f8 user: dan tags: trunk
Stricter enforcement of cell sizes when doing balancing operations on the btree, in order to catch file corruption sooner. check-in: 12713f32 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix another fts5 crash that can occur if the database is corrupted. check-in: 44ce8baa user: dan tags: trunk
Fix problems with sub-selects in WINDOW definitions. Also rename-column operations when the column being renamed appears in a WINDOW definition that is part of a VIEW or TRIGGER. check-in: 0387cb3a user: dan tags: trunk
Fix a buffer overwrite triggered by a prefix query on a corrupt fts5 table. check-in: 1d8172a9 user: dan tags: trunk
Fix a buffer overrun that could occur in fts5 if a prefix query is made on a corrupt database. check-in: 1abc4415 user: dan tags: trunk
Do not run shmlock.test as part of the journaltest permutation. check-in: 5b7d0c78 user: dan tags: trunk
Use _strdup() instead of strdup() on Windows builds of the CLI, to avoid a compiler warning reported on the mailing list. check-in: a7126a4f user: drh tags: trunk
Fix the SQLITE_DESERIALIZE_READONLY feature so that it does not cause an assertion fault in the pager. check-in: b9eccef7 user: drh tags: trunk
Update dbfuzz2 to set a maximum database size of 100MiB by default, but with the new --max-db-size N option to change that limit. check-in: 21d6bb78 user: drh tags: trunk
Enhancements to deserialize: (1) Add the SQLITE_FCNTL_SIZE_LIMIT file control to set a maximum size for an in-memory database, defaulting to SQLITE_MEMDB_DEFAULT_MAXSIZE or 1GiB. (2) Honor the SQLITE_DESERIALIZE_READONLY flag. (3) Enhance the TCL interface to support -maxsize N and -readonly BOOLEAN. (4) Add the --maxsize option to the ".open" command and on the command-line for the CLI. check-in: 30f08d58 user: drh tags: trunk
Make sure cursors are opened on all indexes for an UPDATE OR REPLACE regardless of whether or not the indexes are partial or contain columns that might need to be updated. check-in: e148cdad user: drh tags: trunk
Fix another segfault caused by a corrupt fts3 database. check-in: ba3b8412 user: dan tags: trunk
Ensure that a key comparison does not read a collating sequence past the end of the KeyInfo, even if the key field of an index is corrupted by having a string in the last column instead of the ROWID. check-in: 058a8006 user: drh tags: trunk