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8 check-ins using file src/expr.c version e5f0cf64

Move some things in parse.y so that TK_COLUMN and TK_AGG_COLUMN are assigned the same values as they are on trunk for a very small speedup. check-in: d26fdfa3 user: dan tags: nulls-last
Revise the VDBE comments for NULL-scan so that they also work make sense when reading a NULLS FIRST plan. check-in: bfe79378 user: drh tags: nulls-last
Additional simplifications of the WHERE loop code generator logic for NULLS LAST. check-in: 1383680d user: drh tags: nulls-last
Simplification of the WHERE loop code generator for NULLS LAST saves a few CPU cycles and about a hundred bytes of code space. check-in: e3ed2f49 user: drh tags: nulls-last
Invert the meaning of the regBignull flag so that it is 1 when doing the normal scan and 1 when scanning nulls. This enables the re-do jump at the bottom of the loop to be coded with a single OP_IfNotZero opcode, rather than a sequence of OP_If, OP_Integer, OP_Goto. check-in: bf875e1a user: drh tags: nulls-last
Extra VDBE comments in the NULLS LAST logic provide landmarks to help understand the EXPLAIN output. check-in: 649b08ea user: drh tags: nulls-last
Add additional VDBE coverage macros. check-in: d3531f5b user: drh tags: nulls-last
Merge fixes from trunk. Also fix a reference to the KeyInfo.aSortOrder field, which should now be KeyInfo.aSortFlags check-in: 63e625c8 user: drh tags: nulls-last