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61 check-ins using file test/bestindex1.test version a9b83161

Instead of just the flags byte, include the first 8 bytes of the relevant page in an on-commit conflict log message. check-in: 52e443eb user: dan tags: begin-concurrent-pnu
Instead of just the flags byte, include the first 8 bytes of the relevant page in an on-commit conflict log message. check-in: e7dc03e7 user: dan tags: begin-concurrent
Include the value of the "flags" byte of the relevant page in the log message emitted when a BEGIN CONCURRENT commit conflict is detected. check-in: de19abb9 user: dan tags: begin-concurrent-pnu
Include the value of the "flags" byte of the relevant page in the log message emitted when a BEGIN CONCURRENT commit conflict is detected. check-in: fbfa5471 user: dan tags: begin-concurrent
Fix various error handling conditions on the cell overwrite optimization. Fix a test case so that it works with the new optimization. check-in: f89b54f4 user: drh tags: cell-overwrite-prototype
The BtCursor.info fields are only valid if info.nSize!=0. check-in: 54c537ee user: drh tags: cell-overwrite-prototype
Add more corruption checking to the cell overwrite logic. check-in: 58d14afe user: drh tags: cell-overwrite-prototype
Bug fixes in the overwrite optimization. check-in: 0cb6cd2a user: drh tags: cell-overwrite-prototype
The sqlite3BtreeInsert() routine tries to overwrite an existing cell with modified content if the new content is the same size. Pages are only dirtied if they change. This prototype works some, but still has issues. check-in: 489451b3 user: drh tags: cell-overwrite-prototype
Improved EQP output for recursive CTEs and multi-value VALUES clauses. check-in: f2f52554 user: drh tags: rework-EQP
Prevent VACUUM from running any commands in sqlite_master.sql other than CREATE statements. That is all that should be there anyhow. This fixes a problem discovered by OSSFuzz. Test cases in TH3. check-in: ab0d99d0 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a dangling-else problem that was causing recursive CTEs to malfunction. Begin fixing test cases to work with the new EQP output. check-in: 82ca44b8 user: drh tags: rework-EQP
Fix a problem in the xBestIndex method of the closure extension causing it to allocate non-contiguous argvIndex values in some cases (an "xBestIndex malfunction" error). check-in: 0c671507 user: dan tags: trunk
Add sqlite3_win32_set_directory8() and sqlite3_win32_set_directory16() functions. check-in: 22089ea2 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Improvements to the EQP display for compound select statements. check-in: 699a77e4 user: drh tags: rework-EQP
Begin reengineering the EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN function to provide more intuitive output. check-in: 70b48a79 user: drh tags: rework-EQP
The SQLITE_ALLOW_SQLITE_MASTER_INDEX compile-time option allows a CREATE INDEX statement against the sqlite_master table. Once created, the index works, and is usable by legacy instances of SQLite. check-in: 853f3163 user: drh tags: trunk
The ".selecttrace 0x4000" command causes the AST to be output to stdout as a table with four columns. Leaf check-in: 2a75e631 user: drh tags: ast-trace-demo
Defer loading result column values into registers on an ORDER BY LIMIT until we know that the LIMIT does not exclude the current row. Closed-Leaf check-in: ce4ef460 user: drh tags: faster-order-by-limit
Test cases added for SQLITE_DBCONFIG_RESET_DATABASE. check-in: 08665a9e user: drh tags: trunk
Fix an RBU problem causing spurious SQLITE_CONSTRAINT errors when restarting an RBU update in which more than one source table writes to a single target database table. check-in: 564ae829 user: dan tags: trunk
Add the SQLITE_DBCONFIG_RESET_DATABASE control for resetting a corrupt database file without closing any database connections. Added the ".dbconfig" command to the CLI. check-in: a200a49e user: drh tags: trunk
Add the SQLITE_DBCONFIG_RESET_DATABASE control as a replacement for the reset_database pragma. Resetting the database should be hard enough to do that it cannot be done by accident. Leaf check-in: ff836cb8 user: drh tags: reset-database
Merge updates from trunk. check-in: 94877e49 user: drh tags: reset-database
Prevent deep recursions on nested COLLATE operators. check-in: 6e098ee4 user: drh tags: trunk
Fix compiler warnings in FTS3. check-in: de508e83 user: drh tags: trunk
Document and expose sqlite3_win32_set_directory() function for use on Win32. check-in: 7626b593 user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Add comments about the intended use of the sqlite3_data_directory variable as it pertains to the sqlite3_win32_set_directory function. Closed-Leaf check-in: d11c4197 user: mistachkin tags: win32dir
Add the "PRAGMA reset_database=ON|OFF" command. When on, it causes the database to appear to be empty, causing the next transaction to reset it to an empty database. check-in: 02e1a13c user: drh tags: reset-database
Document and expose sqlite3_win32_set_directory() function for use on Win32. check-in: cbce7180 user: mistachkin tags: win32dir
Better comments on the bindvtab.c implementation. All the two-argument version of the .set command. All bindings from .set and -D are still string. Leaf check-in: 7b2a65a6 user: drh tags: shell-bindings
Update test script fts3expr4.test so that it always creates fts3 tokenizers in the "en_US" locality. check-in: 576a8f69 user: dan tags: trunk
Add the ability to use bind parameters in the CLI. The new ".set KEY=VALUE" dot-command works to set bindings. Or use the "-Dkey=value" command-line option. Or use the built-in shell_bindings(k,v) virtual table to set, delete, or changing bindings. check-in: 1f2944d1 user: drh tags: shell-bindings
Fix a test script error causing tests to fail in soak.test. check-in: 462b52b1 user: dan tags: trunk
Enhance the comments in the templatevtab.c implementation. check-in: 05f6278a user: drh tags: trunk
The previous fix for ticket [d85fffd6ffe856092ed8da] in check-in [0a514e62ad1ebe5c12da8dae] did not completely address the probably in that it only worked for cases where the OP_SCopy that loaded the register was the last instruction in the sequence for the expression, which is not necessarily the case for expressions like CASE...END. This revision prevents the registered that will be recomputed from being cached in the first place. check-in: 9fd0faf5 user: drh tags: trunk
Merge latest changes from trunk. Including the "ORDER BY ... LIMIT" optimization. check-in: 83a4c9f0 user: dan tags: begin-concurrent-pnu
Merge latest changes from trunk. Including the "ORDER BY ... LIMIT" optimization. check-in: d8ae7ba0 user: dan tags: begin-concurrent
When processing an "ORDER BY ... LIMIT" that does not use an index, check whether or not a record may appear in the final result set before adding it to the temp b-tree used for sorting. check-in: 0fcfc36c user: dan tags: trunk
When processing an "ORDER BY ... LIMIT" that does not use an index, check whether or not a record may appear in the final result set before adding it to the sorter. Closed-Leaf check-in: 71bf91c2 user: dan tags: sorter-limit-opt
Ensure that new.* values of an UPDATE do not get clobbered after the BEFORE triggers run when unmodified columns of the row being updated are reloaded. Fix for ticket [d85fffd6ffe856092ed8da] check-in: 0a514e62 user: drh tags: trunk
Clarification of the behavior of a BEFORE UPDATE trigger when the trigger changes the values of some of the columns used to compute new columns in the UPDATE. check-in: 7bb23c2a user: drh tags: trunk
Improved VDBE comment on the OP_Param opcode. No substantial changes. check-in: 368c14da user: drh tags: trunk
Update the "fuzz_malloc.test" script to print SQL statements in which OOM handling problems are found to stdout. check-in: a956363c user: dan tags: trunk
Add new interfaces for accessing the list of SQL keywords: sqlite3_keyword_count(), sqlite3_keyword_name(), sqlite3_keyword_check(). check-in: 7dd34e37 user: drh tags: trunk
Add the new DO and NOTHING keywords to the keyword lists maintained by various extensions and auxiliary programs. check-in: 77a98a07 user: drh tags: trunk
Add the new SQLITE_SHELL_INIT_PROC compile-time entry point to the CLI. This is needed to work around the tighter sqlite3_config() constraints now in the CLI. check-in: 3bcdbccf user: drh tags: trunk
Avoid many unnecessary calls to sqlite3ReadSchema() and sqlite3Init() when the schema is known to be valid already. check-in: 58cf812f user: drh tags: trunk
Add an assert() to ensure that schema mutexes are held prior to accessing the DB_SchemaLoaded flag inside of sqlite3Init(). check-in: d8b46290 user: drh tags: trunk
Update this branch with latest changes from trunk. check-in: 2d8d13e4 user: dan tags: begin-concurrent-pnu
Merge latest trunk changes into this branch. check-in: b27bd799 user: dan tags: begin-concurrent
Remove a recently added NEVER() macro from a branch that can be taken in obscure circumstances. check-in: 2aa21003 user: dan tags: trunk
Fix a problem with processing "LEFT JOIN tbl ON tbl.a = ? AND (tbl.b=? OR tbl.c=?)" in cases where there are indexes on both tbl(a, b) and tbl(a, c). check-in: ce35e39c user: dan tags: trunk
Do not attempt to use terms from the WHERE clause to drive indexes on the right table of a LEFT JOIN. Fix for ticket [4ba5abf65c5b0f9a96a7a40cd18b] check-in: aeb694e3 user: drh tags: trunk
Update the expert extension test cases to account for the fact that EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN now shows the start of each trigger in its output. check-in: 8acb42f4 user: drh tags: trunk
All the OR optimization to proceed even if the OR is also converted into an IN operator. check-in: e252c654 user: drh tags: trunk
Add a hyperlink to the ticket on the code comment for the fix to ticket [7fa8049685b50b5aeb0c2]. check-in: 45247c7f user: drh tags: trunk
Do not attempt to read values from indexes-on-expressions if the index is on the RHS of a LEFT JOIN. This won't work if the index cursor points at a null-row. Fix for [7fa80496]. check-in: b8ef967a user: dan tags: trunk
Enhance the CLI to render EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN using an ASCII-art graph. This works with ".eqp" modes and when the query begins with exactly "EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN". To see the original output format, add extra space characters in between words of the initial "EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN". check-in: f53716ee user: drh tags: trunk
Fix a memory leak following failure to open an external CSV file in the csv.c extension. check-in: 526ee07d user: drh tags: trunk
In EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN output, do not show an EXECUTE LIST SUBQUERY line for IN operators where the RHS is a list and not a subquery, since in that case there is no SUBQUERY to execute. check-in: 8bc0207a user: drh tags: trunk