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7 check-ins using file src/vdbe.c version 8d11da49

Here is the beginnings of an effort to factor out the implementation of scalar subqueries to be implemented as subroutines at the end of the main body of bytecode, after the jump back to the OP_Init opcode. This is an incremental check-in that contains only preliminary changes. (check-in: 50e5f390 user: drh tags: factor-out-scalar-subselect)
Increase the number of parameters to sqlite3WhereCodeOneLoopStart() to encourage the compiler to inline that routine within sqlite3WhereBegin(). This gives a performance improvement. (check-in: 3c2ad0e9 user: drh tags: reuse-subqueries)
Improvements to EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN formatting. The MULTI-INDEX OR now shows a separate "INDEX" subtree for each index. SCALAR SUBQUERY entries provide a subquery number that is related back to the .selecttrace output. (check-in: 7153552b user: drh tags: reuse-subqueries)
Restore a line of code that was previously commented out for debugging. (check-in: e53781f5 user: drh tags: reuse-subqueries)
Do not generate subroutines for non-static SELECT and EXISTS expressions. Fix up some test cases to account for the minor changes in EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN output. (check-in: 06de44ec user: drh tags: reuse-subqueries)
Prevent the use of subroutines to implement the RHS of IN operators within CHECK constraints. (check-in: 6b24d3fb user: drh tags: reuse-subqueries)
Experimental code that tries to put the computation of subqueries inside a subroutine, and reuse that subroutine if the same subquery is evaluated more than once. Current code does not work for CHECK constraints. (check-in: 6c44838a user: drh tags: reuse-subqueries)