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4 check-ins using file test/e_expr.test version 8cd7d852

Handle renaming a column or table when the schema contains a (meaningless) index on the constant expression ('text' IN ()) or ('text' NOT IN()). Fix for [fd76310a]. (check-in: 567b1309 user: dan tags: trunk)
Do not attempt the LIKE optimization on a column with numeric affinity if the rhs of the operator begins with whitespace. Fix for ticket [fd76310a5e]. (check-in: 94b58ab0 user: dan tags: trunk)
Remove code in the round() SQL function that became unreachable due to the optimization of check-in [e95138f5f4febde5] (check-in: b141bae3 user: drh tags: trunk)
When casting string values into numeric and the string has a prefix that looks like a number but total string is not a well-formed number, then take extra care that the result is either integer or real depending on what the prefix looks like. Fix for tickets [e8bedb2a184001] and [4c2d7639f076aa]. (check-in: 67a68af5 user: drh tags: trunk)