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5 check-ins using file src/vdbe.h version 57b87844

Convert the hint expression of the CursorHint opcode into a string for display by EXPLAIN. Leaf check-in: 12640cb2 user: drh tags: cursor-hints-displayP4
Add simple tests for new sqlite3BtreeCursorHint() functionality. check-in: 1efa6ed5 user: dan tags: cursor-hints
In the expression passed to sqlite3BtreeCursorHint() for the inner loops of joins, replace any TK_COLUMN references to columns in the outer loops with TK_REGISTER expressions (Expr.iTable indicates the specific register containing the value). There are no automated tests for this yet. check-in: f9dddd00 user: dan tags: cursor-hints
Do not allow cursor hints to use expressions containing subqueries. This change fixes the problem seen in the previous check-in. check-in: bfefc575 user: drh tags: cursor-hints
If the SQLITE_ENABLE_CURSOR_HINTS macro is defined, then invoke the sqlite3BtreeCursorHint() interface to provide hints to the storage engine about rows that need not be returned. Hints can be disabled using SQLITE_TESTCTRL_OPTIMIZATIONS with SQLITE_CursorHints (0x2000). Cursor hints are not used by the built-in storage engine of SQLite but might be useful to applications that provide their own storage engine. The current code is work-in-progrss and contains bugs. check-in: 3a9bec52 user: drh tags: cursor-hints