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SQLite training in Houston TX on 2019-11-05 (details)
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4 check-ins using file src/main.c version 46d6a880

Add documentation on NULL handling in SQLite versus other SQL database engines. (CVS 741) check-in: dd8867fc user: drh tags: trunk
Detect when the test scripts are being run as root and issue an appropriate error message. (CVS 740) check-in: 9ca2c507 user: drh tags: trunk
Relax the locking requirements on BTree cursors. Any number of read and write cursors can be open at the same time now, but a write cannot occur as long as one or more read cursors are open.    Before this change, one or more read cursors could be open on a table, or a single write cursor, but not both. Both policies have the same desirable effect: they prevent writes to a table while a sequential scan of that table is underway. But the new policy is a little less restrictive. Both policies prevent an UPDATE from occurring inside a SELECT (which is what we want) but the new policy allows a SELECT to occur inside an UPDATE. (CVS 739) check-in: 8c2a0836 user: drh tags: trunk
Parse foreign key constraints and populate internal data structures appropriately. Constraints are still not enforced. (CVS 738) check-in: 170711ca user: drh tags: trunk