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7 check-ins using file test/window1.test version 148552f6

Fix another case in fts5 where a corrupt database could cause a buffer overread. check-in: f7e6cdc5 user: dan tags: trunk
Fix harmless compiler warnings. check-in: b57c545a user: drh tags: trunk
Additional steps to help ensure that scalar subqueries are only evaluated once even if they are used in multiple places within the query. This fixes a performance regression reported on the mailing list and caused by check-in [531eca6104e41e43] which was a fix for ticket [787fa716be3a7f650c]. Think of this check-in as an improved fix for that ticket. check-in: e1303193 user: drh tags: trunk
Remove an optimization that can no longer occur, being superceded by the subquery-reuse optimization. Put an assert in place of the optimization to detect if the need for this optimization ever returns. Closed-Leaf check-in: 4fcdc7a2 user: drh tags: reuse-subqueries
Merge enhancements and bug fixes from trunk. check-in: 9fb646f2 user: drh tags: reuse-subqueries
Small changes to the OP_OpenEphemeral opcode to improve testability. check-in: f856676c user: drh tags: trunk
Fix the OP_OpenEphemeral opcode in the bytecode engine so that if it is called a second or subsequent time, it merely clears the existing table rather than creating a new one. Proposed fix for ticket [d0866b26f83e9c55e30de0821f5d]. check-in: 4678cb10 user: drh tags: trunk