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8 check-ins using file src/expr.c version 0abe1e69

Modify tests in window3.test to be tolerant of rounding errors when comparing floating point values. check-in: 7c26c443 user: dan tags: trunk
Fix a problem with using scalar sub-selects in window function queries. check-in: 687fe532 user: dan tags: trunk
Further improvements to bytecode branch testing. Fix cases where the macros said a branch could not be taken when in fact it could be. Alter some window function branch coverage macros to indicate that comparison operands cannot be NULL. check-in: 76e42b70 user: drh tags: trunk
Enhancements and improved documentation to the byte-code branch coverage testing logic. Provide new macros that allow the code to specify that some branch instructions can never take the NULL path and that the OP_Jump opcode is only interested in equal/not-equal. The SQLITE_TESTCTRL_VDBE_COVERAGE file control callback now works slightly differently (it provides the callback with a bitmask of the branch action, rather than an integer). check-in: cd2da7e1 user: drh tags: trunk
Experimental planner change to avoid a skip-scan if a regular index scan on the same index columns can be done instead. Leaf check-in: 350f29ea user: dan tags: exp-begin-concurrent-pnu
Merge begin-concurrent changes into this branch. check-in: af17432e user: dan tags: begin-concurrent-pnu
Merge latest trunk changes into this branch. check-in: e9a3e864 user: dan tags: begin-concurrent
Fix a harmless warning about comment formatting in the previous check-in. Simplify the ORDER BY dereferencing logic so that it avoids unreachable branches. check-in: 0f6ec605 user: drh tags: trunk