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3 check-ins tagged with "btree-refactor"

Improved comment on cursorOwnsBtShared(). No changes to code. Closed-Leaf check-in: 5e269c2d user: drh tags: btree-refactor
Fix a C99-ism and a compiler warning for MSVC. check-in: aa53a36e user: drh tags: btree-refactor
Change the sqlite3BtreeKeySize() interface into sqlite3BtreeIntegerKey() and make it only work for table btrees. Change sqlite3BtreeDataSize() into sqlite3BtreePayloadSize() and make it work for all btrees. Combine sqlite3BtreeDataFetch() and sqlite3BtreeKeyFetch() into a single sqlite3BtreePayloadFetch() routine. These changes seem to make the b-tree interface more rational and they reduce both binary size and CPU usage. check-in: bef35e18 user: drh tags: btree-refactor