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Parents and children of check-in [fdbb35c5]

Enhance LEMON so that it generates the action table in such a way that no range check is needed on the lookahead table to verify that the next input token is valid. This makes the lookahead table slightly larger (about 120 bytes) but helps the parser to run faster. (check-in: 7eb0198d user: drh tags: lemon-improvements)
In the LEMON-generated parser, avoid unnecessary tests for the acceptance state. (check-in: fdbb35c5 user: drh tags: lemon-improvements)
In the LEMON-generated parser, rearrange the meanings of integer action codes so that reduce actions occur last. This means that the most common case (reduce actions) can be recognized with a single comparison operation, thus speeding up the main parser loop, slightly. (check-in: 7bfe7a36 user: drh tags: lemon-improvements)