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Closing a file from the wrong thread is harmless on most systems. (See ticket #1611) But on systems like RedHat9 with broken fcntl() locks, it leaks file descriptors. That is better than the alternative of prematurely breaking locks and causing database corruption. Nevertheless, it would be good if we could figure out a way to report errors when closing a file from the wrong thread. (CVS 2946) (check-in: ad8f12ca user: drh tags: trunk)
Add tests and fix bugs in the new cross-thread lock resolution code. When an unlock fails, do not leak file descriptors (ticket #1611). But we really ought to report SQLITE_MISUSE or some other error instead of just returning SQLITE_OK. (CVS 2945) (check-in: f68e05cb user: drh tags: trunk)
Documentation updates. Fix to date.c. But most importantly: database connections are now allowed to change threads as long as they are not holding a lock. (CVS 2944) (check-in: 03c422ec user: drh tags: trunk)