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Parents and children of check-in [ecf6251e]

Enhance the virtual table in test_schemapool.c so that it can be used to check that SHARED_SCHEMA connections are not allocating and freeing schemas when they should not be. check-in: cb236cb9 user: dan tags: reuse-schema
Fix a problem with eponymous virtual tables and SHARED_SCHEMA databases. Also, after preparing statements that require all database schemas (REINDEX, ANALYZE, CREATE, DROP and some PRAGMA statements), do not allow the database connection to return more than one schema to each schema-pool. check-in: ecf6251e user: dan tags: reuse-schema
Revert the rearrangement of VDBE code in [219b39e14] so that vdbe.c matches trunk. Since the new call to sqlite3Init() in OP_ParseSchema was removed, the rearrangement no longer provides any performance advantage. check-in: 03c4f003 user: dan tags: reuse-schema