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SQLite training in Houston TX on 2019-11-05 (details)
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Parents and children of check-in [bf4fc088]

Updates to comments and code organization to reflect changes in os_unix.c; Updated winShmLock() with logic changes from unixShmLock(); Modified IO error returns in winShmMap() to match those in unixShmMap(); check-in: b73fe275 user: shaneh tags: trunk
Fix test_stat.c so that it does not cause compilation errors if SQLITE_OMIT_VIRTUALTABLE is defined. check-in: bf4fc088 user: dan tags: trunk
Fix makefiles so that they build sqlite3_analyzer again. Tweaks to comments in test_stat.c. Fix tclsqlite.c to build the sqlite3_analyzer again. check-in: e6cd1545 user: drh tags: trunk