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Parents and children of check-in [b5cde571]

Changes to the output of EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN to make it clearer when a query uses the PRIMARY KEY index of a WITHOUT ROWID table. (check-in: 9268df30 user: dan tags: trunk)
In the command-line shell, if three or more interrupt signals (control-c) are received in a row without a response from sqlite3_interrupt() then call exit(1) immediately. This allows control-C to interrupt the shell even if it is stuck in a computation or loop that does not involve the VDBE. (check-in: b5cde571 user: drh tags: trunk)
Make sure sufficient VDBE registers are allocated for an INSERT...SELECT when there is an idlist on the insert table that includes an explicit rowid. Ticket [e9654505cfda93610585fde5a9bbf2e730c8a8d5] (check-in: 9a2dd187 user: drh tags: trunk)