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Parents and children of check-in [a9a3b532]

Fix the sqlite3ExprDup() routine so that it makes complete duplications of subqueries containing window functions. (check-in: 94017454 user: drh tags: ticket-f09fcd17810f)
New test case that still hits an assertion fault, just to prove that the previous checkin merely made the problem more obscure and did not completely fix it. (check-in: a9a3b532 user: drh tags: ticket-f09fcd17810f)
Simplify the query flattener so that it does not duplicate the WHERE clause of subquery that is being incorporated into the outer query - copies it directly. This is more efficient. And it also fixes the specific test case show for ticket [f09fcd17810f65f71789525] but it does not resolve the more general problem that sqlite3ExprDup() does not correctly duplicate expressions that contain subqueries with window functions. (check-in: f1b18d44 user: drh tags: ticket-f09fcd17810f)