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Parents and children of check-in [9ff80a9b]

Previous check-in to fix [b47e3627ecaadbde] was incomplete. This check-in completes the fix and adds a test cases. check-in: c7da1c01 user: drh tags: trunk
Move the sqlite3LocateCollSeq(), sqlite3FindCollSeq(), and sqlite3GetCollSeq() routines so that they are all beside one another in the callback.c source file. No logic changes. check-in: 9ff80a9b user: drh tags: trunk
When flipping ("commuting") a comparison operator, set the new EP_Commuted bit rather than adding extra EP_Collate bits, to single later processing that the order of precedence for COLLATE operators is inverted. Fix for ticket [b47e3627ecaadbde] check-in: 90f7c477 user: drh tags: trunk