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Parents and children of check-in [9fd0faf5]

Enhance the comments in the templatevtab.c implementation. (check-in: 05f6278a user: drh tags: trunk)
The previous fix for ticket [d85fffd6ffe856092ed8da] in check-in [0a514e62ad1ebe5c12da8dae] did not completely address the probably in that it only worked for cases where the OP_SCopy that loaded the register was the last instruction in the sequence for the expression, which is not necessarily the case for expressions like CASE...END. This revision prevents the registered that will be recomputed from being cached in the first place. (check-in: 9fd0faf5 user: drh tags: trunk)
When processing an "ORDER BY ... LIMIT" that does not use an index, check whether or not a record may appear in the final result set before adding it to the temp b-tree used for sorting. (check-in: 0fcfc36c user: dan tags: trunk)