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Parents and children of check-in [9d485c42]

Add the new interfaces to rtree, though they do not yet work. Add the "show_speedtest1_rtree.tcl" script for showing the test data used for the R-Tree tests of speedtest1. Change speedtest1 to generate better R-Tree test data. (check-in: 0b702759 user: drh tags: rtree-enhancements)
Add the --verify option to speedtest1. Add verification test cases to the "rtree" testset and a case that uses a custom geometry callback. (check-in: 9d485c42 user: drh tags: rtree-enhancements)
Update comments in the R-Tree module in preparation for some big changes. Add an "rtree" performance test to speedtest1. (check-in: 20a73ec0 user: drh tags: rtree-enhancements)