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Clean up obfuscated code in sqlite3_table_column_meta_data(). Be sure to invoke sqlite3_initialize() within sqlite3_mprintf(). (CVS 5224) (check-in: bb4edb53 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix a recently introduced resource leak in test file incrblob2.test (forgot to close a blob handle). (CVS 5223) (check-in: 88e1c609 user: danielk1977 tags: trunk)
Fix a problem with the incremental blob API. sqlite3_blob_open() was always reading the data for the leftmost column of the row that the opened blob was stored in. If this column happened to contain a (the) large blob, sqlite would make a large memory allocation to read the data into. Which defeats the purpose of using incremental blobs. (CVS 5222) (check-in: 1b9478da user: danielk1977 tags: trunk)