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FROM <tble>"). Ticket #3944. (CVS 6838) (check-in: 45fd5419 user: danielk1977 tags: trunk)
Fix to sqlite3AuthRead to accommodate "new" or "old" references that are used in a context where a column reference may also be used (i.e. "SELECT new.
When a b-tree transaction is committed when there are open cursors, downgrade shared-cache write-locks to read-locks instead of relinquishing all locks. Fix for #3942. (CVS 6837) (check-in: 611e704f user: danielk1977 tags: trunk)
Cause opening a transaction on a sharable b-tree module automatically obtain a read-lock on page 1. This means there is no way for sqlite3BtreeGetMeta() to fail. (CVS 6836) (check-in: e3c055f1 user: danielk1977 tags: trunk)