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Parents and children of check-in [5f6eab65]

Consolidated inline assembly versions of "hwtime()" into hwtime.h. Provided MSVC version. Modified code for consistent use of hwtime(). Changed implementation to use sqlite_uint64 and sqlite_int64 instead of unsigned long long int and long long int for MSVC compiler support. (CVS 5178) (check-in: 9883b406 user: shane tags: trunk)
Fix cosmetic issues spotted while working on ticket #3146 (CVS 5177) (check-in: 5f6eab65 user: drh tags: trunk)
Moved check and define for OS_WINCE from os_win.c to os.h (with the other OS_* defines). This allows OS_WINCE to be available for mutex_w32.c which is included earlier than os_win.c in the almagamation. (CVS 5176) (check-in: ad6a782e user: shane tags: trunk)