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Parents and children of check-in [557c6905]

Change the VDBE so that all registers are initialized to "Invalid" instead of NULL and report errors on any attempted read of an Invalid register. This will help prevent future bugs similar to [7bbfb7d442]. check-in: 0064bab7 user: drh tags: trunk
Make no assumptions about the initial state of VDBE registers. check-in: 521d72bd user: drh tags: uninit-vdbe-mem
Modify the OP_Once opcode so that it works correctly in trigger sub-programs. This is a candidate fix for [7bbfb7d442]. check-in: 557c6905 user: dan tags: trunk
The Windows OS flavor #ifdefs must be performed after the 'windows.h' file has been included. check-in: 3702a31e user: mistachkin tags: trunk