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Merge recent enhancements from trunk. (check-in: 6251e438 user: drh tags: location-function)
Add an experimental location(X) SQL function that attempt to return the location of the payload within the database for the record that contains column X. location(X) returns NULL if X is not an ordinary table column or if SQLite cannot figure out the location because it is using a covering index. (check-in: 51be9558 user: drh tags: location-function)
Add the sqlite3_vtab_collation() function, which allows an xBestIndex callback to determine the collation sequence that SQLite will use for a comparison. And the SQLITE_DBCONFIG_FULL_EQP configuration option, which enhances the output of "EXPLAIN QUERY PLAN" so that it includes statements run by triggers. And the code for the sqlite3_expert extension and command line application. (check-in: 4c782c95 user: dan tags: trunk)