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Parents and children of check-in [51b6823f]

Enhance the command-line shell to be in auto-explain mode by default. It is no longer necessary to use the ".explain" command to put the shell into a mode where the EXPLAIN output is formatted nicely. That now happens automatically. check-in: 751915cb user: drh tags: trunk
Add auto-explain mode to the command-line shell. Default on. Auto-explain tries to automatically detect EXPLAIN queries and format them appropriately. check-in: 1d62aa6b user: drh tags: auto-explain
Fix MSVC makefile options that enable control-flow guard. check-in: 51b6823f user: mistachkin tags: trunk
Fix the top-level makefiles to always include SQLITE_ENABLE_EXPLAIN_COMMENTS when building the shell. Still need to fix main.mk and the amalgamation tarball. check-in: 99228239 user: drh tags: trunk