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Parents and children of check-in [4be2b64b]

Have the OP_NoConflict opcode set the VdbeCursor.seekResult variable. This speeds up subsequent OP_Insert and OP_IdxInsert opcodes. (check-in: 47455500 user: dan tags: omit-rowid)
Use ansi escape codes to use different colored text for opcode names in the output of [explain_i]: Red for opcodes that insert or delete b-tree elements, blue for opcodes that move cursors and green for the ResultRow opcode. (check-in: 4be2b64b user: dan tags: omit-rowid)
Allocate extra stack space for UnpackedRecord objects, reducing the need to malloc for them as often, and thereby get a performance improvement. (check-in: a725a75f user: drh tags: omit-rowid)