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Parents and children of check-in [3fe96487]

Change the coverage measurement logic in the lemon-generated parser so that it only checks for coverage of state/lookahead pairs that are valid syntax. It turns out that some states are unreachable if the lookahead is not valid syntax, because the states are only reachable through a shift following a reduce, and the reduce does not happen if the lookahead is a syntax error. check-in: 9dce4650 user: drh tags: lemon-improvements
In the lemon-generated parser, do not report the End-of-input character and the wildcard character as missed coverage. check-in: 3fe96487 user: drh tags: lemon-improvements
In LEMON, fix an off-by-one error that can make the lookahead table one byte too smal. check-in: 93792bc5 user: drh tags: lemon-improvements