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Parents and children of check-in [3eae4e30]

Make the ".schema" command in the CLI resistant to corrupt database files. (check-in: f22c7e22 user: drh tags: trunk)
Fix a crash in the sqlite_dbdata module that could occur if a pointer within an overflow chain in a corrupt database pointed past the end of the db. (check-in: 3eae4e30 user: dan tags: trunk)
Disable the optimization where a REAL value with no fractional part is stored as an INTEGER when the integer uses as much space as the real value it proposes to stand in for (8 bytes). This avoids corner cases of comparing integers against real values that are beyond the resolution of an IEEE 754 double. Fix for ticket [6c1d3febc00b22d457c78c2] (check-in: 9b091527 user: drh tags: trunk)