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Parents and children of check-in [3e1b55f3]

Improvements to the automatic compile-time selection of byte-order, as suggested on the mailing list by Seb Kemper. check-in: b7aad929 user: drh tags: trunk
A minor variation on check-in [1685610ef8e0dc] which (hopefully) makes the logic a little easier to follow. Also disallows the use of the double-quoted string hack in the query expression used for VACUUM INTO, which is not strictly required, but moves us toward the goal of disallowing the double-quoted string hack everywhere. check-in: 3e1b55f3 user: drh tags: trunk
Disallow string constants enclosed in double-quotes within new CREATE TABLE and CREATE INDEX statements. It is still possible to enclose column names in double-quotes, and existing database schemas that use double-quotes for strings can still be loaded. This addresses ticket [9b78184b]. check-in: 1685610e user: dan tags: trunk