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Parents and children of check-in [3e1a2f66]

Enhance tester.tcl so that when "--malloctrace=1" is specified, the test generates self-contained Tcl scripts that present GUIs instead of *.sql files that require a separate program to interpret. check-in: de2e3cbd user: dan tags: trunk
Minor improvements to the permutations.test script. Most notably, a command like "permutations.test alter%" now runs all test scripts with names that match the LIKE pattern "alter%". Or, say, "permutations wal alter%" to run all alter% tests in wal mode. check-in: 3e1a2f66 user: dan tags: trunk
Further optimizations to the UPDATE logic to avoid making changes to partial indexes if none of the columns mentioned in the WHERE clause are modified by the UPDATE. check-in: d1365a5b user: drh tags: trunk