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Bring CVS output into more commonly accepted practice. Tickets #2030, #1573. Add command-line options -bail and ".bail" commands. Default behavior is to continue after encountering an error. Ticket #2045. (CVS 3491) (check-in: 517712d6 user: drh tags: trunk)
Command-line shell enhancements. Bail out when errors are seen in non-interactive mode. Override isatty() using -interactive or -batch command-line options. Report line number in error messages. Tickets #2009, #2045. (CVS 3490) (check-in: 3baa04cf user: drh tags: trunk)
Empty queries should get no results. My recent change ( http://www.sqlite.org/cvstrac/chngview?cn=3486 ) broke test fts2a-5.3. This change should make the expected result more obvious. (CVS 3489) (check-in: cde383eb user: shess tags: trunk)