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Parents and children of check-in [340378c1]

Fix the WITHOUT ROWID table logic so that it generates a correct KeyInfo object for tables that have a PRIMARY KEY containing the same column used more than once with different collating sequences. Enhance the index_xinfo pragma to assist in testing the above. Fix for ticket [fd3aec0c7e3e2998]. check-in: 84a51a75 user: drh tags: trunk
New test cases for PRAGMA index_xinfo on a WITHOUT ROWID table. And new testcases using index_xinfo to verify that WITHOUT ROWID tables are constructed correctly. Closed-Leaf check-in: 340378c1 user: drh tags: wor-pk-dups
Enhance the "PRAGMA index_info()" and "PRAGMA index_xinfo()" statements so that they allow a WITHOUT ROWID table as their argument, and in that case show the structure of the underlying index used to implement the WITHOUT ROWID table. check-in: 62274ff6 user: drh tags: wor-pk-dups